Friday, 15 July 2011

Vanguard Method: Design to absorb variety

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  1. Re: Std and individualized approach: one US health care organization's response:

    Having worked in health care in std command & control companies, I can understand this dilemma. That is why the Vanguard Method is so helpful: because it allows the organization not to have to make this choice.

    The Vanguard Method allows health care providers a means to understand the way things work as a system - a conceptual framework - so they can mobilize and manipulate the health care system to not only respond to various individual health care requirements in the present, but also, over time, improve its response. The system does not need to develop a std response if it devotes the time and resources to developing people and a system with the ability and capacity to handle the ever changing variety of demands. As Peter Senge has written, a learning organization. The ability to understand the changing requirements needed to meet changing demands is possible only if a systems view is taken.

  2. Ok, this is all very interesting! Show me who in healthcare is using it and where it is working in practice. I'm a clinician in the Irish heath system where lots of changes are proposed as a result of a number of factors not least the current Financial crisis. Inevitably we will look to the UK for guidance in system change. However, tour concise history of the changes in the NHS makes us uneasy! We have the chance to do it differently! Don't give me anymore theory! Where is it working?

  3. Hi Colin. Thanks for your comment. To the best of my knowledge there is no health system which is systematically and systemically applying the perspective I describe above. That's changing. Proof of concept work is underway in a couple of areas in England and the embryonic results are very exciting. I'll write more about this in coming posts so please keep reading.

    Andy B